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Polishing Cloth

Polishing Cloth

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Each and every Dragon Mod is given a once-over with a polishing cloth prior to packaging. Keep that shine for years to come!

These polishing cloths are non-staining and easy-to-use. They safely remove natural patina, tarnish, and micro-scratches from your Mod's surface. Each cloth is impregnated with a special chemical cleansing agent and non-scratching micro-abrasives, which leaves a deep, like-new shine.

To use: Gently rub the surface of your mod (or atomizer). Gently wipe the polished surface with a microfiber cloth afterward to ensure an even polish.

To wash: Wash under cold running water - do not use detergent. Rub the cloth together gently and watch the black disappear. Rubbing too vigorously can cause the polish to wash away - so rub gently. Lay the cloth to dry. Do not use this product when wet - you will not obtain the same result.

Cloth dimensions: 7.5" x 5"

To extend the life of the cloth, we recommend storing the cloth in its bag after each use.

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