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Battery Safety

Part of vaping is knowing proper Battery Safety.
Please read up on battery safety, and refresh often.
When in doubt, ask!

Here are some tips to help keep you safe:

  • Prior to each and every use of your battery, inspect the battery wrap for tears or damage, and inspect the battery itself for damage
  • Always store your batteries in a proper case, like a hard shell case or silicone sleeve
  • Never leave your batteries loose or in your device, this is especially true with putting loose batteries in your pocket
  • Always use the proper batteries for your device; not all batteries are created equal
  • Always purchase authentic batteries from a reputable source - there are such things as clone batteries and they are extremely dangerous
  • If you are not familiar with OHM's Law, read up on it
  • If there is any damage to your battery wrap, have it re-wrapped immediately. Any sort if nick or tear in a battery can be dangerous - no matter how small
  • Never leave your batteries to charge unattended
  • Ensure the orientation of your battery follows the manufacturer's specifications
  • Replace your batteries often - every 3 to 6 months depending on use, or if you feel that your battery is not performing as it did when it was new
  • When replacing your batteries with new ones, do not toss the old batteries in the trash - this can cause an explosion. Instead, bring them into your local vape shop where they can be properly recycled







 Vape Safe, Vape Happy