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Return Policy

All Sales Are Final unless the product has a manufacturing defect as described in our warranty policy. For warranty claims, please email us at sales@dragonmodco.com

Please ensure that you verify the sizes, colours, or other variation of product in your shopping cart prior to finalizing your order. All orders are shipped in the qty, size, colour, etc, as submitted by the customer. Dragon Mod Co. is not responsible for user error.

Dragon Mod Co. does not sell previously owned or used equipment, therefore we are unable to refund or exchange product that has been shipped.

The vaping industry has a large base of consumers that are always looking to buy gently used vaping equipment at a discounted price. If you are not interested in keeping your product, we suggest that you visit the Dragon Squad Buy/Sell/Trade Page or another reputable online Buy/Sell/Trade page. If your product has been damaged during shipping, please check if your shipment was covered by carrier insurance, which is an optional purchase of the buyer. If your shipment had insurance coverage, please contact the carrier to make a claim.

*Please note that the aforementioned Buy/Sell/Trade pages are not owned by, or affiliated with Dragon Mod Co.