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Safety & Maintenance

Vape Safe, Vape Happy!

Follow Dragon Mod Co.'s recommended battery list that comes with each authentic Dragon Mod. If you have questions about batteries, please contact Dragon Mod Co. or visit your favourite Vape Shop.

Always keep your batteries in a case - whether it be a hard case or a battery sleeve.  Loose batteries in your pocket are extremely dangerous.  We do not recommend that you travel with a battery in your Dragon Mod, or any tube mod.  If you're not using it, remove the batteries and store them safely.

Prior to each use, always check to make sure your battery wraps are undamaged - no rips, tears, etc. If they are damaged, even slightly, have them rewrapped before using them in any device. Most stores will do this for free or for a very small charge.

Always purchase batteries from a reputable source. Using clone batteries is extremely dangerous.

Screw the button post all the way down until it is hand-tight.  Do not use the post to alter the throw length on the button.  This is not its intended purpose and at no time do we recommend doing this.

Top Cap:
Always remove the top cap before installing your atomizer.  Thread your atomizer into the top cap, then with your top cap and atty together, thread the top cap onto the Mod. Threading your atty onto your top cap while it's on the Mod can cause it to over tighten.

When disassembling your button, keep your magnets separated.  If they are too close you risk them pulling together and breaking. Replacement magnets are available for purchase if required.

Refer to the video section for step-by-step cleaning and polishing instructions. Do not use cleaning tool attachments that are made for other mods, or which are attached by top cap threads. This will damage your top cap and damage your threads. Replacement top caps are available for purchase if required.

Wipe your Mod down after each use. Oil your threads with every clean. If you overdrip, clean your Mod up immediately. Different materials have different cleaning intervals. For example, aluminum mods should be cleaned daily because it will oxidize and the material will degrade. Whereas stainless steel can be cleaned much less often.

Do not use rubbing alcohol on aluminum parts. This will cause extreme oxidization and can cause your top cap to seize.

Series Stacked Dragon Mod:
Please review all safety cards that come with each authentic Dragon Mod Stack. This product comes with 2 gold magnets. Only 1 is to be placed between the batteries. The other magnet is a spare. Ensure that you are using proper batteries for a Stacked Mod. Not all batteries are intended for this purpose.


When in doubt, ask! We have a kick-ass community that is here to help out!