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Travel Info

There are often questions surrounding how to travel with your vape gear.

What can you bring? Where does it need to be packed? Let's break it down...

For the most part, it does not matter which airline you are traveling on. The rules are governed by Transportation Departments, like the TSA or IATA. While airlines can make their own rules for their carriers, they do not govern the rules that you must follow for clearing security checkpoints. For example, some small partner airlines will state "no vaping devices on board" or "no batteries allowed", however, this contradicts security regulations. Unless they are checking each passenger's bag at the gate, there is no way to enforce these carrier restrictions. 
  • Carry Devices ONLY in your carry-on baggage
  • Devices with internal batteries must be in your carry-on


  • 100ml bottle size is the max per bottle
  • 1 Litre max total
  • Liquids (including juice) must be in a plastic bag
  • You can bring juice with nicotine
  • These rules are determined by bottle size, not the amount of liquid
  • i.e.; you cannot bring a 500ml bottle that is almost empty through security
  • Excess juice (larger than 100ml bottles, or more than 1L qty) can be placed in checked baggage
  • Pro Tip: Place juice in checked baggage in a ziploc in case of leaks


  • Follow regular battery safety practices
  • Remove batteries from your devices (if applicable)
  • Store all batteries in proper cases
  • Never place loose batteries in your bag or pocket

Tanks & Atomizers

  • There are no rules pertaining to these
  • As a word of advice, empty your tank before you check in at the airport or wrap it in a paper towel in a baggie
  • Chances are high that it will leak with the pressure changes


  • You can bring your cotton and coils in carry-on baggage
  • Your scissors and vape tools must be in checked baggage
Quantity you can travel with
  • There are no specific limits on how much vape gear you can bring
  • Plan for security to inspect your bag and vape gear - they may even swab it for contraband
  • Calmly explain that it is vape gear - most security personnel understand

Always check local laws before traveling

This is not intended to be legal advice, but rather information gathered from personal experience, the TSA, and other governing bodies. While we have never had vape gear seized or been charged or fined for having it, it can happen if you do not comply with local regulations.