Warranty & QC – Dragon Mod Co.

Warranty & QC

Warranty of Defective Product

Dragon Mod Co. products are covered by a Manufacturing Defect Warranty.

  1. Dragon Mod Co.'s Manufacturer Warranty only covers products purchased directly from Dragon Mod Co. or from an Authorized Retailer. Warranty does not cover product obtained from aftermarket sales (online sales groups, trades, waffles, etc).
  2. A manufacturing defect is a flaw in the product, originating in the manufacturing phase, which prevents the product from working as intended, as described by the manufacturer. If your product is not working as intended, and it can be determined that the defect is a result of a manufacturing flaw, your device may be covered by this warranty.
  3. The Warranty does not cover defects that have been caused by user error, carelessness, accident, neglect, poor maintenance, or unsafe practices. Our Warranty does not cover cosmetic flaws, such as uneven polish or surface scratches. We do not offer free replacement parts on Product that has been visibly dropped, abused, or neglected. Some acts that will void your warranty include, but are not limited to, scratching your product, denting your product, dropping your product, using other branded cleaning tools, exposing your product to extreme temperatures, or modifying your product.
  4. In the event that your product is defective or damaged due to a method described in paragraph three (3), Dragon Mod Co. has replacement parts for purchase.
  5. If you purchased your Mod directly from Dragon Mod Co. please email info@dragonmodco.com to alert us of your issue.
  6. If you purchased your Mod from an Authorized Retailer, please contact them directly.

Each Dragon Mod Co. product comes with a card that offers information regarding maintenance, cleaning, and safety. Please review this information prior to using or servicing your device.


Quality Control

Each Dragon Mod is hand polished and hand washed prior to being packaged. Slight differences in the surface may occur during this phase. The 28mm Dragon Mod is polished to a mirror finish. The 2FIVE and Twenty7 are polished to its best natural brass finish. Dragon Mod Co. uses a Surface Roughness Measuring Device to ensure that all product meets our quality standard before being shipped.

Dragon Mod Co. assembles all product prior to packaging to ensure that each switch assembly and top cap have a proper fit. In addition, an authentic atomizer is threaded into each top cap prior to assembly, to ensure that the 510 threads have a proper fit. We do not oil threads prior to shipping. This is considered a maintenance requirement of the user. You may notice slight movement in the top cap threading or button housing if the mod is not complete with a battery or atomizer. This is normal.