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Dragon Stacked Series

Dragon Stacked Series

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Brass and Stainless Steel Dragon Stacked Series are now available! These Stacked Series were made serialized from 0001 to 0100 in each available material.


Each Dragon Stacked Series comes in a velvet pouch with the Dragon Mod Co. logo, safety cards, a Dragon Mod Co. sticker, and two (2) gold magnets. One is a spare magnet. Do not use both magnets simultaneously. Do not use without magnets.


This stacked series has been made for use only with the Dragon Mod.  We highly discourage use with other Mechanical Mods due to differences in thread sizing and safety. We also highly discourage users from stacking more than one (1) Dragon Mod and one (1) Stacked Series. Dragon Mod Co. will not be held liable for user error or negligent use of this product. This product is meant for advanced Mechanical Mod users only. Safety cards are included in each package. Always read and follow these instructions carefully.