Limited: 3Sixty Brass Stack (Lenard Green) – Dragon Mod Co.
Limited: 3Sixty Brass Stack (Lenard Green)
Limited: 3Sixty Brass Stack (Lenard Green)

Limited: 3Sixty Brass Stack (Lenard Green)

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Limited Edition Lenard Brass Stack in Green Chameleon finish. Depending on the light source, intensity, and angle, this stunning stack piece will colour change between green, blue, and purple hues. 


Product Info:

  • Tube: 464 Naval Brass 
  • Button: Optional (Stack Combo) 
  • Contact: Optional (Stack Combo) 
  • Switch: Optional (Stack Combo) 
  • Finish: Chameleon Lenard Green
  • Venting: Body Venting
  • Batteries: 20700, 21700
  • Stacks are not serialized

Battery orientation recommendation: positive up or down

Each stack extension comes with:
  • Authentication Card, Safety Cards, Sticker
  • Protective Case
  • 20700/21700 Battery Wraps
  • 2 gold magnets (1 is a spare)
  • Single tube is NOT included
  • Button housing is Optional (Stack Combo) 

Attention: This stacked series has been made for use only with the 3SIXTY mod from Dragon Mod Co. We highly discourage use with other Mechanical Mods.


IMPORTANT: The user must ensure that they are using a properly rated battery in a stacked Mechanical Device. Not all Batteries are made for Mechanical Devices. Not all builds are suitable for stacked Mechanical Mods.  Please thoroughly read all safety information included with the device prior to use.  Dragon Mod Co. is not liable for damage or injury caused by use of this product.

NOTE: Purple Vapcell 3100 MAH 35 amp, or Samsung 30T are the proper 21700 cells for this device. Similarly labelled cells are manufactured inconsistently and may not fit this device. 

Not for use with 25amp Vapcell 

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